Skeet scores getting better

Friday, 22 August 2008 - 2:16pm.

Newcomer Tony Manuge has continued to improve his game, and the quality as a whole has improved as the summer has gone along at the weekly skeet shoot, with two shooters hitting personal bests in recent weeks.

At this past Tuesday night’s shoot at the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club range at Frog Creek, Manuge posted rounds of 23, 22, and 22 out of a possible 25.

Other rounds included Jerry Koslucker (22, 19, and 20) and John Sether (23), both of International Falls, along with locals Len Noonan (21, 22, and 24), Harvey Perry (18, 19, and 20), Rick Johnson (20), Ted Brockie (23, 21), Ed Clark (18), and Jeremy McGuire (18, 21, 21, and 22).