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Shooting Sports:


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Skeet has a long-standing history at the Fort Frances Sportsmen's Club range at Frog Creek, and still has a dedicated group of shooters who hit the range on Tuesday nights to aim at targets flying at 60 miles per hour. Skeet shooting requires quick reflexes and a steady aim. The shooters stand in various stations on a semicircle that faces two trap houses, with targets flying out of the houses, one or two at a time from opposing directions, with a total of 25 in each series. 

It's a really fun sport you don't need much of a blast to break them, but the key is movement; it's all about the swing. The sport takes some getting used to, and like anything, the more you practice at it, the better you'll get. You have to shoot where the target is going to be, not where it is, and that's a hard thing to do.

The average cost is $7 per person per round to pay for the targets and the shells to load your gun-no more than the cost of going to see a movie. New shooters are always welcome, and can get individualized instruction on Thursdays at the range. Get more information by calling Brad Houghton 275 -6183.


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The club meets on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30pm. Two instructors are available if anyone is interested in learning archery. Contact Zac Manty

The rifle range is open to club members. It has berms at 50 yards, 100 yards and 200 yards. It's a great place to teach the novice shooter in a safe environment. Also a great place to try-out your sites before big game season.

The range officers are Marc Andre Michon, Chris Bonner-Vickers, Brad Houghton, Crystal Gray.

Handgun / Restricted Firearms

HANDGUN  RANGE and Restricted Firearms  USERS Prior  to  September  2,  2015,  the  Ontario  Chief  Firearms  Office  (CFO)  required  members to  take  a  Club  Level  Handgun  Safety  Course  in  order  to  obtain  a  long  term Authorization  To  Transport  (ATT)  in  order  to  bring  their  handgun  from  their  listed residence  to  the  range  and  back.  The  member  participation  in  the  Safety  Course  was verified  by  two  (2)  members  of  the  Board  of  Directors  who  signed  as  references  when the  members  ATT  was  applied  for. Since  the  passing  of  Bill  C-42  on  September  2,  2015,  the  conditions  for  obtaining  a  long term  ATT  have  changed.  Either  5  conditions  or  6  conditions  were  automatically electronically  added  to  the  RPAL  of  holders  who  met  certain  criteria.  The  6th  condition  is the  ability  to  transport  a  Restricted  Firearm  to  or  from  an  approved  shooting  range  by the  most  direct  route.  If  the  RPAL  holder  did  not  possess  a  long  term  ATT  as  of September  2,  2015,  then  this  condition  was  not  added  and  has  to  be  requested  from the  CFO’s  office  by  the  member.   The  Fort  Frances  Sportsmen’s  Club  requires  all  members  who  want  to  use  the  Handgun Range  to  have  taken  a  Club  Level  Safety  Orientation.  New  members  or  members  who have not previously taken this Safety Orientation will be required to do so.  

RCMP PAL/ATT Information

All members wishing to use the Handgun Range, or use a Restricted/Prohibited Firearm on Club Property, must successfully complete a Club Level Safety Course. For more information, please contact one of our range officers.

Members who have completed the former ATT Course with the Fort Frances Sportsmen's Club must complete the following Affidativ and email the form to:  or

Mail to : Fort Frances Sportsmen's Club
             PO Box 272
             Fort Frances, ON
             P9A 3M6

FFSC ATT Verification Affidativ

Community Fish and Wildlife projects

Seeding Logging Roads:

The seeding project was organized by Jeff Johnston and Ben Wiersema.

Abitibi Bowater was contacted, maps were obtained, seed ordered and records kept of the number of kilometres traveled and the number of kilometres seeded.

Johnston mounted a spreader on the back of his ATV, and using his half ton, hauled the bags of seed to the various sites indicated by the company. It took several days to complete the job as the roads to be sown were scattered throughout the Crossroute Forest.

Len Noonan, Henry Miller and Richard Boileau assisted Johnston on different days. Eighty-two kilometres were seeded.

The Seeding Project was discontinued by Resolute Forest Products in 2015, in this area.