Club Profile

"I give my pledge as a Canadian, to save and faithfully defend from waste, the natural resource of my country, its soils and minerals, its air, water, forests and wildlife"

The Objects of the Club:

  1. To promote an interest in angling and hunting generally;
  2. To promote an interest in and assist in the conservation, restocking and replacing of fish and game resources;
  3. To promote the proper use of firearms;
  4. To promote an interest in and study of wildlife generally;
  5. To promote good sportsmanship;
  6. To accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests;
  7. To promote reforestation and other method to prevent soil erosion;
  8. To conduct educational and safety programmes concerning hunting and fishing within the corporation and at school;
  9. To sponsor junior clubs with like or similar objects;
  10. To carry on and promote among the members of the corporation the sport of shooting, including skeet, trap shooting, and target shooting with rifle, revolver and pistol and the sport of archery and bait-casting;
  11. To carry on and promote competitions and matches between the members of the corporation and other organizations; and
  12. To promote and support measures for the regulation of the taking of fish and the hunting of wildlife in accordance with good management practices.

2017/2018 Board of Directors

President - Brad Houghton
Vice President - Chris Bonner-Vickers
Secretary - Jesse Adair
Treasurer - Crystal Gray

Brad Houghton - President, Skeet, and Archery - Range Officer

Jesse Adair - Secretary - Range Officer

Bill James - Director

Richard Boileau - Director - Lottery

Rob Dokuchie - Director - Membership - Range Officer

William Anderson - Director

Chris Bonner-Vickers - Vice-President - Big Game - Range Officer

Crystal Gray - Director - Treasurer,  Publicity/Website/Facebook - Range Officer

Mike Veniot - Director - Small Game/Facebook

Kerry Harper - Director - Membership

Zac Manty - Alternate Director - Skeet/Archery

Martin Kellar - Alternate Director

Marc-Andre Michon - Alternate Director - Range Officer

Marc Sabourin - Alternate Director


2016/2017 Board of Directors

President - Ben Wiersma
Vice President - Brad Houghton
Secretary - Jesse Adair
Treasurer - Bill James

Ben Wiersma - President, and Seeding

Brad Houghton - Vice President, Skeet, and Acrcher

Jesse Adair - Secretary

Bill James - Treasurer

Richard Boileau - Alternate Director & Lottery

Henry Miller - Jr Conservation and Education

Rob Dokuchie - Membership

Allen Socholotuk - Alternate Director

William Anderson - Range Officer

Chris Bonner-Vickers - Big Game

Crystal Gray - Publicity/Website

Mike Veniot - Small Game & Facebook

Kerry Harper - Alternate Director & Membership

Zac Manty - Alternate Director, Skeet & Archery

Committees - 2015/2016

Big and Small Game - Chris Bonner-Vickers and Rob Dokuchie
Fish - Richard Boileau
Archery - Ben Wiersma
Skeet -  Brad Houghton
Property,Handgun, Ranges - Willie Anderson, Chris Bonner-Vickers, and Allan Socholotuk
Membership - Rob Dokuchie

Website & Facebook - Crystal Gray and Mike Veniot

Publicity - Henry Miller (primary), all Directors (secondary)

Conservation and Education - Henry Miller
Seeding - Ben Wiersma
OFAH Lottery - Richard Boileau