Youth Programs

Our club supports two youth programs, The Get Outdoors Club and conservation and education projects in the schools, both of which are run by Henry Miller. He can be contacted at 274-9606

Get Outdoors Club:

Discovering YOUR place in the outdoors

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O.F.A.H. Get Outdoors is a national award winning, youth conservation and leadership program, which puts an emphasis on promoting our outdoor heritage through hands on, community based initiatives

The program is designed for young outdoors enthusiasts. They meet monthly throughout the year for various activities. They build bird houses, snowshoe, hike and learn about plants and wildlife.

Henry Miller tirelessly runs the program with the help of many parents. This program is open to any kids who have a membership with the club.

Youth Education and Conservation in the Schools:

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   The purpose of the programs in the schools is to give pupils an opportunity to become active in conservation of wildlife.  Building birdhouses, putting them in appropriate habitats, and monitoring them gives pupils a chance to help bluebirds and tree swallows by providing nesting cavities.
    Henry Miller of the Sportsmen's Club delivers the program. He brings pre-cut parts for birdhouses and shows the kids how to construct them, as well as explaining where to put them for the birds.
    Materials are provided by our club, with the assistance of a CFWIP grant from the MNR.
    In 2008, Henry worked with 11 classes. The 185 pupils involved built 133 birdhouses.  
    Tree planting was another conservation project delivered by our club.  Two classes planted over 700 jackpine container stock provided by Abitibi Bowater in the spring.
    In the fall, a grade 7 class went to the regenerated area to determine the survival rate of the trees planted.  They estimated the population of jack pines y using pots. They found the trees had done very well.
    We also teach some snowshoeing so that the classes can hike through the snow to learn about wildlife habitat.


Blue Bird Project - 2015

Fort Frances Times Press Release - March 17, 2016

By Henry Miller

 The Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club has been concerned about the decline of several species of wildlife. Since the club’s incorporation in the 1950s, efforts such as improving spawning beds for walleye, cleaning debris from streams, tramping trails for deer in severe winters, and so on have been on going. 

 At present, building birdhouses for bluebirds is an important project. This bird population has been declining because they don’t compete well with house sparrows and starlings for the few natural cavities such as holes in fence posts or trees, available for nesting.

 Although individuals throughout the district have put out boxes for them, many more were needed. So in 1990, the club began the project, and today, there are 337 provided by the club. As well as bluebirds, tree swallows and wrens, and in bluebird trails near barns, house sparrows.

 As part of the project, the club brings birdhouse parts into the classrooms and instructs pupils in their construction. The children take them home and place them in suitable habitats, thus adding sustainable homes for the birds.

 In 2015, six classes took part and 123 boxes were built.

 So far this year, five classes have made 79 boxes.