The junior club was very active during 2008

Their activities for each month were:
-snowshoe hike in a cedar swamp where deer had yarded up
-visited bird feeders to learn the identity and habitats of winter birds
-skied across a field and through the bush to look for animal tracks an other signs of animals (The wind chill was -37C).
-went on another hike through a thick black spruce swamp to practise using a map and compass. Also reviewed making a fire in the snow.
-had a guest speaker, wildlife photographer Lee Oelke
-kids brought their pictures to a meeting and tried to organize a wildlife collage
-built bluebird houses to replace broken ones on birdhouse trails
-cleaned up Fifth Street in Fort Frances
-built different types of birdhouses and painted them for selling later and for display
-had an overnight camping trip
-set up a display at the local farmers' market to promote the Get Outdoors Club, the Sportsmen's Club, and the OFAH
-began monitoring birdhouses
-held a birdhouse and bake sale at the Trade Show in the arena to raise money for projects
-no activities except for monitoring bird houses
-worked on a nature trail near Wasaw Lake. The trail runs from the main road through a mature forest, then through a 30-40 year old red pine section to a series of beaver dams.
-built wood duck and owl boxes and put them up along the trail near the beaver ponds
-enjoyed two evenings of skeet shooting and practised their archery skills on another evening
-five older kids went on a practice hunting trip with Miller to learn how to hunt hares and grouse. They found tracks and determined which direction the animals were going. They learned about habits and habitats of hares and grouse. And sited in a new .22 rifle given to the club by the Sportsmen's Club and Mark Fontana of Rainy Lake Sports and Tackle.

The Get Outdoors Club thanks all those who helped out in 2008:

Becky Steele, Linda Wall, Marlene Deschamps, Mike Behan, Willie Anderson, Len Noonan, Jeremy and Catherine McGuire, Lisa and Brian Gregory, Rainy River First Nations (Fish Hatchery crew), Debbie and Dan Jean, Darren Hyatt, Joe Bodnar, Beth and Jim Badiuk, Denise Donaldson, Badiuk Equipment, Fort Frances Times, West End Weekly, Abitibi Bowater, and the Ministry of Natural Resources.

Special thanks to Ross Donaldson and Allan Empey who have worked with the kids for 9 and 10 years respectively.